Discounts & Special Programs

Head Start Centers are eligible for a 25% discount on fees associated with the Preschool Outreach Program, courtesy of United Way Contributor’s Choice, who would like to bring the Zoo to you. Please indicate your status as a Head Start Program in the additional comments. Funds for this program are limited.

We are proud to partner with the SHOP ‘n SAVE S.E.E.D. Program.




PPG Kids Page

Bring some of the Zoo to your home with free printable coloring sheets or draw-an-animal activities.


The Zoomobile

Our Education Specialists will visit your camp or school in one of our Zoomobiles full of exciting live animals and biofacts for an interactive presentation!

Summer Outreach Programs for Camps are designed to be flexible and are appropriate for groups of all ages and abilities.

Zoomobile Outreach Programs for Grades PreK-12 are designed to accommodate groups of all sizes.


Zoomobiles generously donated by Hertz.

Zoos for Twos (Age 2)

Toddlers will be treated to a story and a song with up-close experiences with some friendly animals.

Furry Friends (Ages 3-5)

Preschoolers will learn about the basic needs and adaptations of mammals, while being gently introduced to some furry friends from the Zoo.

Color Zoo (Ages 3-5)

Children will journey through a rainbow of colors in the animal kingdom as they discover the many patterns and shades of the natural world.

Zoo Moves (Ages 3-5)

Animals move in ways people only dream of moving – birds soaring above the treetops and monkeys swing from branch to branch. Learn how gorillas knuckle-walk, snakes slither, and rabbits hop in this fun-filled exploration of animal movement.

Super Senses (Ages 3-5)

Preschoolers will discover how different animals use their special senses to help them survive, while comparing their own senses to those of some animal visitors.

The Choice is Ours (Grades K-8)

This exciting game show focuses on local wildlife and conservation issues and challenges students to discover how their choices impact the world around them.

Radical Reptiles (Grades K-8)

Enter the world of reptilian wonders and discover the amazing adaptations that enable them to survive through the ages.

Rainforest Rhythms (Grades K-8)

Travel through the layers of the tropical rainforest, while learning more about the incredible animals found in each layer and their unique adaptations that aid survival.

One Degree of Change (Grades 5-12)

In this program, students will learn about the causes and effects of climate change, including how it impacts animals throughout the world. We’ll discuss Zoo conservation programs and present live animals. Throughout the program, students will be challenged to think about their own actions, and how individual actions can create positive environmental change.

Endangered Species (Grades 7-12)

In this animated game of endangered species jeopardy, students will examine why animals become endangered and what zoos are doing to help in the conservation of these incredible animals.

Biodiversity’s Bounty (Grades 7-12)

While exploring the interconnections of life on Earth, we will focus both on the vital role of biodiversity in maintaining healthy ecosystems, and on the importance of conservation in preventing further biodiversity loss.

Habitat Happenings – 4 Sessions Afterschool Program (Grades K-5)

Enrich your afterschool program with our Habitat Happenings outreach. Students will take a closer look at habitats around the world and the animals that live there. During each of our visits, the students will meet live animals and learn what it takes to survive in some of the most unique places on Earth. This package includes four sessions (1 hour each) and can accommodate up to 25 students. Same day programs can be added on for an additional fee. Please email for fee information based on your location.

Wonders of Wildlife Summer Program

Discover fur, feathers, and scales in this introduction to some of the world’s most fascinating animals. Using live animals from the Zoo, we will explore the physical characteristics of each animal while learning how they are uniquely adapted to their environments.

  • Each program is 45 minutes in length.
  • Outreaches are conducted Monday through Friday, mid-June through mid-August.
  • Please submit your reservation early. A minimum 3 week notice and advance payment is required.
  • Programs can be held indoors or outdoors. If you choose an outdoor setting, please have a backup plan for inclement weather. No refunds will be given for outdoor programs cancelled due to weather.
  • The Zoo will travel a maximum of 60 miles to your camp.

Adult Outreach Programs

These program are designed for visits to adult club meetings, adult social groups, nursing and assisted living homes, and senior centers. A Zoomobile visit is an enriching and entertaining experience. These 1-hour educational programs offer participants the opportunity to meet Zoo animals without leaving their location.

Zoo For All

During this program participants will learn the answer to one of our most asked questions, “Where and how does the Zoo get animals?”

One Wild Place

With more than 4,000 animals the zoo certainly is one wild place. Participants will learn what it takes to operate a zoo and also about some of the zoo’s current conservation and research projects.

Then & Now

The Pittsburgh Zoo sure has changed since opening in 1898. This photographic presentation will guide participants through more than a century of growth. A projection screen or blank wall is needed for this program.

Animal Antics

Zoo Education Specialists will bring 4-5 Education Ambassador animals for your group to meet.

Adult Zoomobile Flyer & Form

Zoomobile Scheduling Guidelines – Please read prior to submitting your form:

  • Zoomobiles are scheduled on a first come, first served basis by form submission only.
  • Zoomobiles will travel a maximum of 90 miles one way (180 miles round trip) to your location. Distance is 60 miles (120 miles round trip) for summer programs.
  • A Zoomobile reservation form should be submitted at least 3 weeks in advance. Please contact with questions prior to submitting a form.
  • Forms must be completed entirely. Please choose specific age-appropriate programs, dates, and times. Incomplete forms will be returned to you.
  • First choice dates cannot always be accommodated. Please list as many dates as are actual possibilities.
  • Selecting Submit on the online form below will schedule your visit, if possible, and you will receive a confirmation/invoice at the contact email address provided within 1-2 business days.
  • For programs on multiple days, please submit a separate form for each day.
  • Additional comments that will help expedite the scheduling of your programs are appreciated and can be included int the space provided.
  • Payment is due two weeks prior to your program (unless you have requested a SEED program) and will be listed on your confirmation/invoice. Prices can be found by clicking on the PDFs on the right side of the page above.
  • Animal visits are included in all Zoomobile programs. Specific animal requests cannot be accommodated.
  • Outreaches cannot be scheduled during the month of May, on any evening, for “Take Your Child to Work Day”, or for parties of any kind.