All animals are available for adoption!

All adoptions are valid for a one-year period and may be renewed annually.

The name of each adopter is posted on this page monthly and on the Adopt-An-Animal board located next to the Safari Gift Shop on Zoo grounds. All levels of adoption packages include a personalized adoption certificate that will be mailed in 2-3 weeks from purchase plus a magnet, monthly Z-mail updates, an issue of our ZooInsider newsletter, and more!



Adopted animals may have multiple adoptive donors and no ownership rights are conferred by adopting an animal. All animals remain in the care and custody of the Zoo but we hope you will visit often!




While all animals at the Zoo are available for adoption, your favorite creatures are always looking for new adopters!


African Lions

Pygmy Hippo

African Elephants


Thanks to our June through August 2021 Adopters!

Abigail Randall ? Addylinn Martin ? Aelyssa Bujak ? Alegra Evans ? Alex James ? Alice Allen ? Anna Griffiths ? Annabelle Bender ? Annette Babilon ? Ashlyn Courtney ? Bobby Newman ? Brianne Brown ? Canonsburg Middle School Titans (’20-’21) ? Carley M. Kalemon ? Cecilia Budz ? Clara Rose ? Conner Jones ? Dan Babilon ? David J. Bonafortuna ? Debbie Flaherty ? Demitri Bujak ? Dr. Thomas and Hilary Kreschollek ? Elias Parsons ? Elizabeth Roth ? Fred Allen ? Freddie Allen ? Gracelyn Moore ? Grayson Misour ? GySgt John K. Irvine ? Hannah Frizzell ? Harper Amelia Feinberg ? Harper Elizabeth McCarty ? In loving memory of Andrea Kulick Nigro ? In Loving Memory of Aunt Dorothy aka Dottie ? In loving memory of Maddox Duran ? In loving memory of Maddox Duran ? In loving memory of Maddox Duran ? In loving memory of Marie Stromoski ? In Loving Memory of Timothy J. Furbee ? In memory of Annette Sobien ? In memory of Christopher Faller ? Ingrid Kelly ? Isabella Moore ? Izzy Simoni ? James Bender ? Jamie Montesano ? Jennifer Alex ? Jennifer Moore ? Juliette Wachob ? Kayleigh Sejvar ? Krysta Reed ? Kylie Dougherty ? Landon Heim ? Laura Puskaric ? Lexi Day ? Linda Bohn ? Logan Flinner ? Loretta Allen ? Lucas Linonis ? Maddie & Kinslee ? Maggie Allen ? Mariella Young ? Marissa Davis ? Mark Guise ? Melissa LeDonne ? Michael Moore ? Mrs. Mehl’s Amazing Class ? Natalie Guise ? Nathan Verilla ? Nora Kelly ? Rachel Replogle ? Rio Starr Malave ? Robert Dogg ? Sandi Parsons ? Sebastian Campos ? Shannon McClelland ? Sienna Grimm ? Tom Kelly ? Wesley Helble ? Zadie Alexander

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